PhDr. Patricie Anzari, CSc.


A contraindication of this cooperation, is a parallel psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment, of a different kind. The reason for it, is the principle not to enter another therapist’s space. However, it is possible in the case of psychiatric patients, with the agreement of the attending physician. Dr. Patricia Anzari, PhD, refuses to combine her approach with other outer influences affecting the client’s experience (e.g. the parallel attendance of several workshops focused on personal growth, fashionable techniques, seeing other therapists, etc.). The reason being, is so she is able to take full responsibility, and guarantee for results of the treatment.

Dr. Patricia Anzari, PhD, never changes her “avant-garde” approach, of an emotionally involved guide. She creates a strong, safe background for the patient, offering deep empathy, and at the same time, unconventional, natural feedback. She supports the client’s self-curing tendencies, and does not create a relation based on dependency, but rather on equal cooperation. It is quite demanding for the patient, as the therapy goes very deep, and destructs superciliousness and egocentrism, which is never easy and painless. This approach is not suitable for those who refuse active cooperation. An absolutely incredible luxury rests in the fact that the client who is given the individual treatment, is also given the opportunity to contact Patricia via phone for 24 hours, each and every day, if such a need arises, and critical states or situations need attention, i.e. solutions have to be found. This further strengthens the effects of cooperation. However, this kind of service should never be abused.

The process is dramatic and as strong, as intensive psychotherapy, taking months rather than years. As a follow-up, it is wise to take advantage of balancing and corrective meetings, and attend them at least twice a year so that the result of the cooperation is not in vain, and further development goes in the desired, positive direction.

A psychotherapy session takes 120 minutes. The basic form of psychotherapy includes five sessions, and the interval between them is two to three weeks. It is of utmost importance that the care/treatment is finished after mutual agreement, not just by the client’s decision as the therapist can guarantee the results of his/her work only in such cases, i.e. if the treatment is fully completed.

In the case of partial problems in the realm of relations, upbringing, education, profession, etc. even a single consultation session may be sufficient.

Indications for this kind of psychotherapy are as follows:

Wide spectrum of personal problems (anxious and depressive feelings, loss of purpose, feelings of misunderstanding and isolation, concentration problems, emotional instability, sleep disorders and problems with sleeping, permanent stress and irritation, etc.)

  • Partnership issues (marital break-up, emotional cool-down, disaffection, emotional and sexual disharmony, loss of confidence, etc.)
  • Family and upbringing issues (Dr. Anzari can boast a long-standing, rich practice of working with children of all age categories as well as providing family therapy, incl. multi-generation communities, and the issues of old age)
  • Proximity of death (illnesses or passing away of relatives or friends, situations threatening one’s life)
  • Psychosomatic issues and change of lifestyle due to illness (in cooperation with a physician)
  • Psycho-spiritual crisis (spontaneous enhanced states of consciousness, activation of spiritual experiences, overlapping perception outside one’s personal space with preserved ability to cooperate with the patient in an active way)

Based on prior agreement, implementation of psychotherapy Skype sessions is available for clients from remote places within the Czech Republic and abroad. Dr. Patricia Anzari, PhD, also offers therapy in English and French.

One session of psychotherapy takes 120 minutes. Price: 3000 CZK.

Usual requency is one session every two or three weeks.