PhDr. Patricie Anzari, CSc.


Chaloupka v Rynarticích

All Patricia’s group work is done in her beautiful centre at Rynartice, in the heart of Czech-Saxon Switzerland. Her unique style of work includes elements of many deep, professional, and multicultural inspirations that have been elaborated and combined in a novel, original way, into one harmonic, compact whole.

Experience procedures are based on intensive, open, and spontaneously creative communication with modern, ethnic, spiritual, film, and classical music from the whole world. It remotely resemble an expressional dance. Dr. Patricia Anzari, PhD, does not model intellectual and theoretical constructs in her clients’ minds, but touches right to their hearts. She has created an original egolythic (i.e. ego-dissolving) method of safe distraction from rational censorship. It is based on the active clients’ approach, and the therapist is a guide rather than a leader in this case. The result is the enhancement of courage and independence, energy liberation, and deepening of sensitivity and perceptiveness. In connection with a deep and non-traditional analysis of the participants’ personal stories, this approach serves as a useful inspiration for further steps in the life of the client who completes the programme. All clients are given the opportunity to understand their stories in the widest possible context, and discover new points of view, new casual links, and challenges. Deepening the ability of empathy, leading to strengthening and clearing up of relations, presents a very important element as well.

The spiritual dimension of the method does not rest in esoteric hallucinations or promoting a certain religion. It respects all ways to God, Spirit, Love, and Hope that have been discovered by mankind. It works with contemplation, deep meditation, and trance. In the Rynartice house, each and every visitor can touch the jewel in his/her heart, and become conscious of the fact that merely three dimensions are not enough for one’s life.

Sál v chaloupce v RynarticíchPatricia collaborates with a physician in the framework of all the experience programmes which she offers. Participants have to fill in a detailed health-oriented questionnaire prior to entering the programme, and the physician then decides if such a programme is suitable for the specific client at that time. The physician is present during the whole stay and operatively attends to all potential health issues within the group. The physician’s presence does not mean that the programme includes any dangerous practices. Patricia bases her work on responsibility, and does not refuse supervision by medical authorities.

None of the programmes are compatible with the abuse of any addictive substances, including tobacco. Eating meat is also excluded a week before, and a week after the programme.

Patricia puts great emphasis on ethically clean procedures. Her main aim is the safety of participants. She supports them on their way towards gaining courage to step over some conventional borders, so that they can behave in a natural way, and be truly happy. Patricia encourages clients’ independence, and truthfulness, in relations and work. She also supports them on their way to gaining courage to behave so (as it was mentioned above). She never hesitates to talk about her own life story, sharing her failures and mistakes in life with her clients – never taking the role of the know-it-all guru. Apart from many unique points of view and inspirations, she also offers deep human empathy. Expressing raw emotions is also common, as this approach enables the clients’ who are concentrated on themselves, or aggressive, to gain corrective experiences.

Her method of active egolysis, goes directly against the mainstream ideologies of conventional therapy. Classical approaches, consider enhanced states of mind, and crises in human life to be psychopathological occurrences, and suppress them. Patricia works with them as a natural part of each and every story, and helps to make good use of their development and growth potential. Patricia is deeply convinced that we mature and grow wiser through crises.