PhDr. Patricie Anzari, CSc.


Patricie individuální terapiePatricia Anzari, PhD, was born in Prague. During her teenage years, at the end of the 1960s, she became a singer-songwriter, composing original protest songs full of spiritual symbolism. She also played her music during masses, and performed in a variety of small theatres. Despite obstruction from the Communist regime (as she resisted it openly), Patricia managed to graduate from Charles University – with a degree in psychology. After this, she became an Internal Research Assistant at the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Sciences. Her rigorous and dissertation theses, were devoted to the topic of psychotherapeutic efficiency. Alongside her studies, Patricia completed a five-year individual training in psychotherapy, under the leadership of Vladimir Dolezal MD. PhD. at the Research Institute of Penology in Prague. She also studied psychodrama under the leadership of Zuzana Kočová, who was an actress, and also a principal of the Maringotka (Circus Caravan) experimental theatre in the 1960s.

In the autumn of 1980, which was a “revolutionary” year in Poland, she spent two months at the University of Warsaw as part of her research assistantship. Experience gained during that time, profoundly inspired her approach to politology (Adam Michnik), as well as experimental theatre (Jerzy Grotowski, Józef Szajna, Akademia Ruch).

In the late 1980s, as a result of many miraculous coincidences, Patricia could travel to the USA on her own for the first time. She spent several weeks of her three months long stay in USA at Esalen on an intensive course. Esalen is a Californian cradle of international humanistic and transpersonal psychology. There she met tutors such as Stanislav Grof, Ram Dass, David Steindl-Rast, Chunliang Al Huang, and Jack Kornfield.

The tutor who influenced her attitude to psychotherapy most of all, was C. C. Jung’s student and successor – psychiatrist John Weir Perry. He was the author of a revolutionary method of curing psychotic episodes. This worked via making use of the curing potential of natural, uninterrupted, and protected crisis build-up, and its subsequent fading. He proved a very high effectiveness in his approach, at his San Francisco based centre. Unfortunately, the centre’s activities were made impossible due to the growing pressure from the side of the pharmaceutical, and orthodox psychiatric circles. Patricia cooperated with Dr. Perry for the last five years of his life. She organized and translated/interpreted his lectures in the Czech Republic, and they co-led several residential workshops aimed at personal growth. The workshops took place in a beautiful castle at “Liblice u Mělníka” where Patricia organized her experience programmes for large groups of adults.

Patricia initiated the launch of holotropic breathwork training in the Czech Republic (she is certified to use and teach this method, but she uses it just as an inspiration – she actually created her own method of natural approaches to the states of holotropic consciousness). She has also closely collaborated with Marie Grofová, Stanislav Grof’s mother, leading workshops together for four years. Patricia stood at the launch of transpersonal psychology in the Czech Republic, organizing Stanislav Grof's first lecture at Charles University in Prague. She helped to organize the world transpersonal congress in Prague, and even invited T'ai-Chi Master Al Huang and Jiří Stivín along (both whom accepted the invitation). She also interpreted Ram Dass’s workshop.

From 1990 to 1997, Particia had her own meditation programme called Sources of Knowledge (Prameny poznání) on Czech Radio which was very popular with listeners – regularly attracting up to 400,000 of them. The above-mentioned American teachers were often guests on her show. She organized many meetings with her audience in various places in the Czech Republic at her own expense.

Patricia took great interest in the spirituality of indigenous nations (American Indians, Laplanders, Maoris of New Zealand, Aborigines, Tuaregs). This inspired her to travel a lot, after gaining professional independence in 1990.

She also wrote scripts and performed read theatre in her tearoom in Prague – a lot of popular actors appeared “on stage”, including Jan Potměšil, very popular wheelchairbound actor who cooperated with her as a co-therapist for eight years. Additionally, a music trio was established, providing accompaniment for Patricia's singing, which took the spotlight. She recorded five music CDs, numerous meditations, and wrote a successful book called Sources of Knowledge (Prameny poznání).

Patricia speaks English and French fluently, and has managed to make her work known in the USA, France, Germany, Denmark, and also Australia (in 2010).

Patricia opened a centre for her work with groups, at Rynartice in Czech-Saxon Switzerland in 2002. Her style of work is so deep and intensive that groups are limited to a minimum number of participants (up to 12 people). Various kinds of experiences, and knowledge layered by intensity, can be gained during weekend and week-long residential programs.

Another large part of her psychotherapeutic activities, are focused on individual care.

She has been living at Rynartice for the past five years. Living in the middle of nature, has urged her to return to poetry, and writing short literary forms. She even has several books in the making, and now just has to find the time to get down to work on them. For years, she has been a keen promoter of healthy living as part of her psychotherapy work. This approach also covers ecological thinking and behaviour. She has even succeeded to discourage some 500 smokers from their deadly habit.

Dr. Patricia Anzari’s main specialization is thorough work with the story of a given client, liberating his/her personality from energetic, emotional, and spiritual blocks. She has developed a truly original method of demanding open, and emotional cooperation between the client and the therapist, on a partnership basis which touches all dimensions of the human condition. Patricia applies it in both individual and group forms. The aim of this cooperation with her is to gain confidence in one’s own power, independence, thankfulness for life, deepening empathy, responsiveness, and optimism, as well as to weaken egocentrism, and to discover the sense of your own personal story.

She is the author of the holistic psychological concept, focused on the cultivation of human behaviour, and experiences in the new millennium. Patricia’s journey to gaining knowledge and wisdom, has led her to similar conclusions that are often characteristic of quantum physics – the spirit is independent from time, and liberated consciousness can fly over all historical borders of human cognition on its wings. We influence not only our own story, but also the quality of human evolution by our cognition, thinking, and actions.